Liz Ingalls is a truly gifted and exceptionally talented healer:

I've been working with Liz Ingalls for 10 months now after having to deal with numerous debilitating health issues that hit me all at once like a landside. I cannot begin to express my gratitude to her for her compassionate and skilled treatment sessions that helped me completely change my life.

Liz possesses excellent professional training as both a mainstream and Holistic Physical Health Therapist that allows her to draw on a diverse tool kit when working with her patients. She is both a Licensed Physical Therapist and a Certified CranioSacral Therapist with extensive training from New York University and the Upledger Institute.

Basically each session starts with Liz asking how I'm feeling, if I've noticed any changes since the last treatment, or if there have been any new developments that need to be addressed. She does this with great care, concern, and compassion, letting me know how important my getting well is to her.

She then does a listening to my body to determine what specifically needs to be worked on that day. I am always amazed at how in tune she is to me on a physical. emotional, mental, and spiritual level. It's like she has complete insight deep into my being and knows exactly what's needed. She does this in an extremely respectful and nurturing manner, so if any sensitive issues are raised I am comfortable working through them with her.

The treatments themselves are very relaxing and healing, performed in a professional treatment room with beautiful music playing in the background. In addition to the holistic physical therapy energy work that Liz does, I have experienced some of the most profound and deeply healing Somatoemotional Release that I have ever known.

My ailments have run the gamut of severe lower back and knee pain from Osteoarthritis to numerous autoimmune illnesses including Chronic Fatigue Syndrome, Fibromyalgia, Interstitial Cystitis, Vulvodynia Pain, Irritable Bowel Syndrome, Fibrocystic Breasts, Hormone & Endocrine Imbalance, etc.

During the course of my treatment Liz has utilized ALL of the following techniques with me at one time or another:

~CranioSacral Therapy ~ Trigger Point Release
~Somatoemotional Release ~ Myofascial Release
~ Lymphatic Drainage ~ Osteopathic Muscle Therapy
~ Visceral Manipulation ~ Energy Healing & Chakra Clearing
~ Zero Balancing ~ Customized Exercise Program

Successfully dealing with very traumatic experiences that were deeply engrained into my core being has freed me to heal on all levels allowing me to begin living a happy, healthy, and rewarding life. The physical healing was made possible due to all the underlying emotional release that has occurred. I know I would not be where I am today if it were not for Liz Ingalls, who is truly gifted and exceptionally talented healer.
Ossining, NY

Deep Debt & Gratitude

My name is Claire, and I'm 74 years young. Liz Ingalls is my Physical Therapist. She has helped me a great deal. I'm standing straighter, walking for a longer time and my balance is much better. Consequently, my outlook is better. I'm able to do more things and be active again. My husband and I feel a deep debt of gratitude to her. We are very glad our daughter-in-law found her and brought me to her. I can't thank her enough.
Claire C.
Croton, NY

CranioSacral Managed my Chronic Pain

After visiting multiple doctors and taking several different medications, CranioSacral Therapy has been the most effective intervention in managing my chronic pain.
Allison G.
Croton, NY

Not Even a Twinge of Pain

After several back surgeries, at the ripe age of 25, I had reconciled to the fact that I would always wake up with at least some pain. After working with Liz, it is now an odd day indeed that I experience even a twinge. Liz's compassion combined with her subtle and acute understanding of the human body make her a marvel of empathy, wisdom and above all, skill.
Lisa P.

Beyond Traditional

Liz Ingalls approach to physical therapy goes well beyond the traditional. Her mastery in alternative manual therapies has helped me heal my body in a way that other therapists have not. My neck and shoulder pain have eased greatly, and my steadiness in walking and over-all posture are much improved, thanks to Liz.
John T
Bedford, NY

Liz's Treatment Prevented Me from Getting 3rd Back Surgery

Liz's treatment has helped me tremendously. I have had two back operations for herniated discs and was scheduled for a third operation in 2001 for a large bulging disc in my lower back. Liz's work has helped me to get back to normal and avoid the third operation. I am now able to play golf and sports on a regular basis. Her knowledge of the body and nervous system has given me great comfort in that I am confident she understands my issue and can treat me successfully.
Michael H.

Some Pain Turned to Total Incapacitation

In late November 2005 I began to experience pain which would radiate down the back of my left leg and thigh. By early December I found myself totally incapacitated due to a herniated disk. The excruciating pain prevented me from walking properly and forced me to use a cane to stabilize myself. No position was comfortable - not even lying down. The need to take pain killers was ever present. When the pain finally subsided, I took the advice of my rehab doctor and sought the professional help of a physical therapist. I found Liz Ingalls.

By the first week in January, I was back to work. By the end of January, I no longer needed a cane. By March/April I had no restrictions on what I could do - even bowl - and I'm now pain free. My neurologist is amazed at my recovery and without surgery.
Fran F.

Doctor Recommended

I am pleased to write a letter of recommendation for Liz Ingalls. I have used her extensively for my patients. She is a gifted physical therapist with an extensive array of manual therapeutic techniques. She is also trained in Visceral Manipulation and CranioSacral manipulation, which is rare for a physical therapist to do. I have used her on many difficult patients and have always been very pleased with her results I recommend her highly without reservation or hesitation.
Lisa B., D.O.

Amazing Feeling

Liz, thank you SO very much. Amazing how good it feels to allow my body and soul to heal, and you gave me a gift that I can not quantify enough. Your kindness, gentle nature and generosity are medicine for me.
Brian T.
Croton, NY

Forever Grateful

So grateful for finding Liz. I had been suffering from a chronic issue that I hadn't taken the time to address. Liz was able to immediately pick up on both the physical and emotional components preventing my body from healing properly. I am so appreciative that there is a type of physical therapy that truly focuses on a mind, body approach. Forever grateful. Thank you.
Jill Elizabeth Coccaro

Complete Pain Treatment

I am very grateful to have been introduced to Holistic Physical Therapy, which I have found to be a complete pain treatment, successfully integrating both mind and body. While each therapist may have a different form or touch in their treatment, the process has been one of welcomed healing ad spiritual well-being. The kindness, concern, consideration, and professionalism of these therapists all enter into the healing process of lasting relief, whatever my pain or discomfort. I am very grateful to this group of professionals who care so deeply for their patients' health and wellness. Kate, Croton-on-Hudson, NY
Kathryn Kors-Jacobson

With only 2 Sessions I was a changed man.

To make a long story short. I have been suffering. From "back pain" for over 10 years and no hope no cure until I came to see Liz, wow i can now be normal again. I am easing back into an active life again with the help of the holistic therapy i received. With only 2 sessions I was a changed man. Thank you Liz
Francisco Rodriguez

Chronic Headaches Disappeared

October 9, 2015
After one session, my chronic headaches have disappeared.......amazing place, amazing people, amazing results.......would highly recommend this center !!!!
Suzanne Devlin reviewed - 5 star


April 23, 2015
This is a top-notch physical therapy practice. I recommend it to my patients without reservation. We're blessed to have practitioners who go beyond the classic PT right here in Westchester, without having to travel to NYC to get such sophisticated work.
Joan Adria D'Amico reviewed - 5 star

One of the Best

April 22, 2015
Liz Ingalls is one of the best Physical Therapists I have ever encountered! I would encourage my friends and family to try her!

Joan Adria D'Amico I agree with you, Norma. I just had a session with Liz where she worked on my digestive issues. I feel like a new woman. Thank you!

Norma Curtin Oh yes ! I'm happy to hear that also ! She is so gentle and so knowledgeable on the human body and makes you feel so comfortable , relaxed and so much better ! She's not only a great PT , but also inspiring and admirable ! Thank you Joan ! Norma Curtin reviewed - 5 star

Happy Patient

January 30, 2016
I have had to have some physical therapy over my lifetime, but I've never had anyone before as knowledgeable as Liz Ingalls. She understood my underlying disease immediately and has treated me appropriately. I am making good progress without relapsing and becoming too sick to continue.......this is a first for me. My doctor says Liz is one of the best physical therapists in the county and he praised her excellent judgment and perfectionism about her work.......I would call it passion. I'm a happy patient 😊)
Eileen Tomkins reviewed - 5 star

Words of Gratitude from our Patients

"I left here feeling better than I felt in my whole life. I felt all over good. Thank You! Christina R.

"Whatever you do I feel much better. Its like a miracle" Susan P.

"I just wanted to say Thank You. I feel so much better. The sessions with you really made a difference!" Mayra V.

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